Friday, July 8, 2011

do you know what are the meanings of triple dot (...) when u write i love to eat banana, durian, mango ...


i got new infos!

my lecturer said, triple dot that we always use or found in the book have their own meanings for each dot

first dot means : and many more
second dot means : but i dont have enough space to write   

third dot means : so i stop here

ok..paham ke tak tu?

contoh lah

u write this in ur essay or etc (nobody cares :P )

i heart damn much linkin park, greenday, shahir , kay ...

so actually
u write

i heart damn muchh linkin park , greenday, shahir , kay and many more but i dont have enough space to write so i stop here
so can u understand what i tried to tell u?

actually i dont believe this.we asked aur miss, are u cheating ? haha
she said, no . this is international abbreviation (btul ke eja tuh...)

satu dunia tau..korang dah tau ke? kalau dah tau..pedulik pe..nobody cares
tp kalau letak 4 dot, .... , tak international lah..korg je yg tau maksud dot keempat tu ape kan?? maybe dakwat pen dah abis ke ape ke kannnn


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