Thursday, September 29, 2011

stupid tutorial#2 HOW TO DISSECT A CUTE RAT?

why i labelled this post as a stupid tutorial? bcause i know u all will not do this at home...

1-this is the rat...sooo cute..i felt sad to dissect it T_T

this is a normal uterus

this is a uterus for a mother to be...(rat)  hehe...i felt guilty bcause my friends said i had killed two rats..the mother and the....son or daughter..haha 
but it was not my fault!

suddenly...bleeding!!!! i had cut the veins!! or mybe arteries  !!

then mybe the fainted rat or it's name is wardah (my housemate's name) felt very it gave out faeces

lastly..the brain...but.....the brain is damaged..T_T
takde ghupe otak dah

ni otak yg normal

sekian trima kasih..selamat menjamu selera  !!!!

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nak tiru gak ah. sape first komen dy tak matang :P

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