Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ari ni 29 feb..besday mikhail

mikhail is not my boyiee

but he is a 

suddenly i miss him..miss his character

he is soooo cool... even though he is an assassin..but he is still a kind hearted person

he does not like to talk

he also own a vineyard in newzealand if i am not mistaken

suddenly..he falls in love ...

 his victim..

reina raihana

he try to save that pretty elegant woman and run away from his uncle (his uncle force him to kill raihana)

death chase him

and bla bla bla..

bce lah novel nih kalo nk tau sgt

sorry le bi terabur ..saje mengade

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nak tiru gak ah. sape first komen dy tak matang :P

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