Saturday, December 17, 2011

for those who want to change their genderrrr part 1

1.sorry bcause my english is not good
ohhhh men n women...why dont u be grateful of ur gender..? original gender
why  some of us want to change our sex?
boys want to be a girl...awww
girls want to be like a man.
actually i personally feel that if a man is polite, eat politely,walk normally,speak gently,its okay u noe...superok!!
if a man behave like this: sits like a woman,wears like a woman....earring..gedik,speak softly with ur voice sounds likes choking..ohhhhh no.....
for woman...if u wearing tshirt from men's brands,or if u wearing cap,or if u like to do something that usually men do,i think it still ok...
if u start doing something such as wearing something like pengkid wears to cover their chest...ohhhhhhhhhhh nooo...this is not ok.

why you want to change ur sex?
try to think deeply bout this.
1-for man...if u want to change ur gender...likes my fren from national service, he or now mybe 'she',,,had went to thailand to add silicon to his 'he' can have it like a woman :P
he also be a modellllllll u know...i found his pics...he was catwalk and only wears bikini...awwww he so hot :P people in fb like the pic and he bcome so proud bcause they said he is soooo sexy n beautiful.. can u guess what in his mind?
i guess,,,he think that he in the right way to bcome a woman...bcause he is pretty,sexy,hot,charming,and get support from other people..awwwww
if he really want to be a woman, physically he mybe can change it....include his......
he still cannot pregnant....right? human will never can create something like our God create...yes..! u hve all like woman has..but...u will nvr hve uterus inside ur body..hahahahahaha
okay..mybe u dont want to pregnant...for what? u just want to own what a woman own physically,,  u dont want the uterus..ovary..ovum...just go to hell all those things!
u should think that u cannot be as perfect as a woman(original woman) on this Earth because u cannot beat God's power
(part 2 : about woman plakkkk...)
can u or woman in this 'beautiful' picture? like a man..but wearing earrings ...muscular shoulder...but has breast..hmmmmm and has long eyelashes...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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